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            What brand of stones does the Wicked Edge use and would you recommend using Chosera Waterstones or not?

            The Chosera stones are great if you like working with waterstones. We stopped carrying them because we found that they didn't produce a different result than what our diamond plates, ceramics and strops can do. The main thing that persuaded us to discontinue the Chosera line was when we saw the results of the lapping films. They offer the same kind of fine, uniform scratch pattern that you get from waterstones. Several of our dealers do offer Chosera stones through their websites if you do want to go that route.

            We keep the source of our diamond stones a carefully guarded trade secret ;-). I can tell you that they are monocrystalline diamonds.

            Updated: 20 Feb 2018 06:14 AM
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