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            Sharpening Small Knives in Your Wicked Edge

            Wicked Edge sharpeners are calibrated so the angle measurements are accurate and the full capabilities of the sharpener are achievable when the edge of the knife rests ⅝” above the top of the vise when clamped. Many knives do not meet that size requirement, so you can use the solutions listed below to sharpen your smaller knives.

            Because Wicked Edge sharpening systems clamp knives by the blade, there can be a limitation as to how low an angle can be used when sharpening small knives: the stones can contact the sharpener’s vise before they touch the edge of the knife. For the stones to clear the vise at the sharpener’s minimum angle setting, the knife should be clamped so the edge is at least 5/8” above the top of the vise. To achieve the maximum angle range the Wicked Edge offers, your knife should be at least ¾” in width, measured from spine to edge – 1/8” of blade clamped in the vise and 5/8” of the blade sticking out above it.

            Solutions to sharpening small knives:

            There are several solutions to choose from when you’re trying to sharpen knives that do not meet the height requirement:

            • Use a wider sharpening angle, like 20-25 degrees per side.
            • Use the Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter which will increase the clamping height.
            • Some Wicked Edge customers have had success with the Tormek Small Knife Jig.
              • Please be aware that this product is not manufactured by Wicked Edge and we cannot offer instructions for usage, or guarantee it’s quality or functionality.
            • Ignore the sharpener’s depth settings and clamp the knife as high as possible, while still maintaining a firm grip on the blade.

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