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            Setting the Angle

            Determining the angle to sharpen at, is one of the most asked questions. When starting, there are two methods. One method, is to follow the suggestions in the User's Guide. The 2nd method, and perhaps the one recommended for new users, is to match the angle that is currently on the knife. This is done by marking the edge with a Sharpie, or other marker, making a light pass with a fine stone and adjusting the angle until the stone removes the marker from the majority of the bevel. A description of this method can be found here: How to Find your Angle. By matching the angle that is on the knife, you can concentrate on the sharpening process, and achieve a sharp knife without spending a lot of time (and maybe becoming a little frustrated).

            The Calibration Points of the Wicked Edge

            The Wicked Edge angles, like all angle controlled sharpeners, are based on certain "calibration points". Being aware of these points will help in determining how to setup your knife and angles.

            • Height: The angles are based on a knife that extends 5/8 inch above the top of the clamp. For a knife that is higher, the angle sharpened will be smaller than indicated.
            • Width: The angles are based on a knife that is no wider than .125 inches. For wider knives, adjust the right angle only out 1 degree for every .125 in. in thickness. (This is an approximation, for example a knife that is slightly wider, say .130 in. probably doesn't need this adjustment)
            • Length: There is no calibration for length, since the angle does not change along the straight portion of an edge. So always set the knife based on the contact of the stone to the belly/tip area.

            If you have a digital angle gauge, using this in combination with the above guide, will help to quickly and accurately set your angles. Even with out the angle gauge, using this guide will help "dial in" the correct angle.

            Always record your settings, so you can quickly and easily repeat the previous sharpening!

            Using the Digital Angle Gauge

            An angle cube allows one to set the angle EXACTLY.

            Here's how:

            1. Set your knife in the sharpener and decide the angle (ie. 18 per side.)
            2. Put the angle cube on the base of the sharpener and zero it.
            3. Put the stone on the sharpening rod and set the pre-marked scale to 18 degrees.
            4. Lay the stone against the knife as if you were going to start sharpening
            5. Put the Angle Cube on the side of the sharpening stone that is not against the knife.....
            6. READ THE ANGLE. It probably will NOT be 18 (due to inherent differences in the height of each knife being sharpened.)
            7. Adjust the angle until it reads 18 on the Angle Cube

            You now have a true 18 degrees.

            (Posted by R.JeffreyCoates in the user forum.)

            Updated: 26 Mar 2018 12:02 PM
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