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            How to Use Your Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter

            Before you get started, it’s important to note that the when the Low Angle Adapter is installed on your sharpener, all the sharpening geometry will change and the angle markings on your sharpener will no longer be accurate. For instance, if your sharpener is set to 20 degrees, your actual sharpening angle will be closer to 16 degrees. We highly recommend using a Digital Angle Gauge to view your sharpening angle and record your angle settings for each knife you sharpen using the Low Angle Adapter.


            1. Clamp the Low Angle Adapter securely in your sharpener’s Vise, as show in the above image.

            2. To clamp your knife into the Low Angle Adapter, use a 1/8” Allen Wrench to loosen the screws in the Low Angle Adapter wide enough so your knife can fit between the jaws. Insert your knife and tighten the top screw first, then tighten the bottom screw. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

            3. Follow the standard methods for determining your sharpening angle. You can use the marker method or consult the manufacturer’s recommendations.

            4. Record your angle settings using a Digital Angle Gauge.

            5. Sharpen your knife using all the standard practices of the Wicked Edge sharpener

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