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            How to Maintain Your Super Fine 1200/1600 Grit Ceramic Stones

            The Super Fine Ceramic stones are fantastic polishers and sharpeners and are especially useful for getting rid of scratch patterns left by our diamond stones. To ensure your Super Fine Ceramic Stones have a long and useful life, wipe your knives clean with a wet paper towel to clear away metal shavings before using your Super Fine Ceramic stones. This will ensure that small, metal particles or other contaminants are not pressed into your ceramic stones while you sharpen with them.

            You can periodically wipe off the stones themselves by dampening a clean, soft cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wiping them down. Scrubbing them with the Wicked Edge Superaser or a clean, household eraser also works well to remove sharpening grime. Do not submerge the stones in water!

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