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            How to Install Your Generation 3 Jaws for 1/4" Blades

            To change out the Jaws on your Wicked Edge Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise, simply remove the standard jaws by removing the pins that hold them in place, as shown in the  image. (Make sure your vise is in the open position when you remove the pins.) You can use a prong of your Wicked Edge Depth Key to free the pins. When you remove the jaws, be sure to keep the spring that rests between them. It’s helpful to remove both jaws simultaneously to avoid losing the spring. Pinch the jaws together with one hand, and then loosen and remove the pins with your other hand. Pull the jaws from the vise simultaneously after both pins are removed. Follow this same procedure in reverse to install the Jaws for ¼” Blades. Pinch the jaws together, with the spring between them, and then insert them into the vise. Then push the pins into place to secure the jaws. (There is a slot for the spring on the inside of each jaw. The slot is slightly smaller than the diameter of the spring, to create tension so the spring does not come free. If your spring is loose, it’s helpful to twist the spring into the slot to make it fit.)

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