Knife Specific Sharpening Videos

Knife Specific Sharpening Videos

Sharpening a Benchmade 940

Sharpening a Spyderco Paramilitary Part 1

Sharpening a Spyderco Paramilitary Part 2

Sharpening a Strider SNG

Sharpening a Richmond Addict

Sharpening a Tojiro DP Santoku

Sharpening a Spyderco Delica

Sharpening a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian

Sharpening a Round Knife

Sharpening a Straight Razor

Sharpening a Chris Reeves Sebenza

Sharpening a Shun Nakiri

Sharpening a Jon Graham - Razel Knife

Sharpening a Kriss Style Italian Stiletto

Sharpening a Spyderco Paramilitary 2

Sharpening a Spyderco Para 3

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    • Sharpening Small Knives in Your Wicked Edge

      ​ Wicked Edge sharpeners are calibrated so the angle measurements are accurate and the full capabilities of the sharpener are achievable when the edge of the knife rests ⅝” above the top of the vise when clamped. Many knives do not meet that size ...
    • Wicked Edge Videos

      Official Wicked Edge YouTube Channel Meet Wicked Edge How the Wicked Edge Works Tomatoes and Grapes A complete sharpening of a knife on the Wicked Edge, from setup to stropping, by customer 'smokeeater908' Using the Wicked Edge Part 1: The Setup ...
    • Sharpening

      Sharpening is pretty straightforward. Begin on one side at the heel (back) of the knife, with the stone as low as it will go. Using light pressure, move the stone down the edge, at the same time going up the rod. Stop as you reach the tip. Be careful ...
    • Sharpening Grit Progression for All Wicked Edge Abrasives

      When determining the best grit progression to use you must first identify the material of the abrasive you are using. For the most part, you’ll want to progress from hard materials to soft ones, especially with coarser grits.Then, progress within ...
    • Basic Knife Sharpening Instructions

      Step 1: Insert the two prongs of the Depth Key into the two holes in the Alignment Guide as shown in Fig. 1. Step 2: For narrow-bladed knives, insert the Depth Key into the top pair of holes in the Vise. For wider blades, use the lower pair for ...