Sharpening Tips and Tricks

Sharpening Tips and Tricks

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How to Sharpen Tanto Blades

Sharpening Curved Blades

Fully Flat Ground Blades

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Finding Your Angle

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    • Can the Wicked Edge Sharpen Fully Flat Ground Blades?

      Yes. Clamping a fully flat ground blade is fairly easy. If the spine of the blade is especially thick and the taper dramatic, extra care must be taken to ensure that the knife is mounted vertically. To accomplish this using our Standard Vise Jaw, you ...
    • Can the Wicked Edge Sharpen Re-Curved Blades?

      All Wicked Edge sharpeners have always done well with re-curved and inside curved blades. Our Medium 400 Grit / Fine Grit Semi-Round Stones for Curved Blades do a great job of this. The video below shows a first use of the semi-round stones on a hawk ...
    • Can the Wicked Edge Sharpen Tanto Style Blades?

      The Wicked Edge does a great job with Tanto style blades. The following video shows how it’s done.
    • Sharpening Fillet Knives and other Flexible Blades

      Fillet knives and other flexible blades can be sharpened in any Wicked Edge sharpener, but they do require some different sharpening techniques. The challenge these types of blades present are:  They are flexible They can be long The blade width from ...
    • How to Prevent Rounding the Tip of Your Blade When Sharpening

      It’s important to use the correct technique to prevent the rounding of your knife’s tip. The key is to ensure that the stones don’t rotate inward as you move them forward over the tip. They should continue to travel in the same plane as the straight ...