Sharpening Small Knives in Your Wicked Edge

How to Sharpen Small Knives on Your Wicked Edge

Sharpening small knives with your Wicked Edge is not only possible, but fairly easy with some tricks and tips. 
Below is a video that gives you the basic starting point for all small blades. Whether you have a Standard, Cam-Lock, or DualCam Vise, the trick with small blades is to clamp them as high in the vise as possible.

There are a few key callouts to remember when sharpening smaller blades. 
  1. Wicked Edge systems are calibrated for the edge of the knife to sit 5/8" above the top of the vise. With smaller blades, you likely won't hit that measurement and your angles will be slightly higher than what your angle marking reads. If you'd like to know exactly what angle you're at, we suggest using a digital angle cube.
  2. You won't be able to get to certain, lower angles. There's just not enough clearance between the edge of the knife and the vise. Occasionally, and depending on the knife, the Low Angle Adapter can be used to raise the height of the blade and get slightly lower angles. Again, the small size of the blade will still limit how low of an angle you can achieve.
  3. Ignore the depth settings when clamping these blades. Clamp them as high in the vise as possible to give yourself as much access to the edge as possible.

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