Instructions for Installing and Using your Wicked Edge Knife Sharpener Blade Stabilizer

Wicked Edge Blade Stabilizer instructions

Watch the following video for instructions on installing and using your Wicked Edge Blade Stabilizer.

The Wicked Edge Blade Stabilizer has two components. The Blade Stop and the flexible Blade Support. It comes with two Allen wrenches. One large and one small.
To install your Blade Stabilizer you want to first ensure that your Vise is in the unlocked position with the Vise Lever in the up position. Next, you want to make sure that the two prongs are lined up with the pins on the front side of your Vise. Now you will push forward (so the prongs on the stabilizer push against the pins in the vise and they start to move out the other side) until the Blade Stabilizer snaps into place.

The Blade Stop: To begin, loosen the pivot screw on the Blade Stabilizer and flip it up and out of the way towards you. Next, flip the Blade Stop up and into the jaws of the Vise. This will take the place of the Depth Key so instead of using the Depth Key for a smaller blade (less than 1 in from edge to spine) simply set the spine of the blade down onto the shelf created by the Blade Stop and clamp your knife as usual. If you want to use the Blade Stop as a standalone unit, all you have to do is take the small Allen wrench and remove the set screw from the bottom of the unit.  Now you can remove the Blade Support and reinstall the Blade Stop back in place to use on its own.

The Blade Support (for longer/flexible knives): Begin with the knife brace flipped up towards you and out of the way. Then clamp a long flexible blade as usual with the belly of the blade near the back of the Vise (not in the middle or near the heel of the blade). Determining whether or not to use the Blade Support depends on the knife itself. Taking the Blade Support in one hand and the larger Allen wrench in the other, place the V-notch of the Blade Support on the spine of the knife, as close to the handle as possible. Now tighten down the pivot point as much as you can. Your flexible blade should have a lot less play in it now but as always use very gentle strokes and let the weight of the stones do the work for you as you sharpen. 

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