Instruction Manuals for Sharpeners

Instruction Manuals for Sharpeners

Click the links below for printable PDF copies of sharpener manuals.

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    • Are all Wicked Edge accessory handles compatible with all Wicked Edge sharpeners?

      Yes. All Wicked Edge handles for all our abrasives and accessories are compatible with all our sharpeners. Not only are they compatible with our current sharpener line but they can be used with any Wicked Edge sharpener that we've ever manufactured.
    • Can the Wicked Edge Sharpen Re-Curved Blades?

      All Wicked Edge sharpeners have always done well with re-curved and inside curved blades. Our Medium 400 Grit / Fine Grit Semi-Round Stones for Curved Blades do a great job of this. The video below shows a first use of the semi-round stones on a hawk ...
    • User-Submitted Knife Sharpening Logs - Downloadable

      Here are a few files that people have often found useful: Professional Knife Sharpeners' Log - by Derek Williams Knife Sharpening Log - by Keith Parker
    • Sharpening Small Knives in Your Wicked Edge

      ​ Wicked Edge sharpeners are calibrated so the angle measurements are accurate and the full capabilities of the sharpener are achievable when the edge of the knife rests ⅝” above the top of the vise when clamped. Many knives do not meet that size ...
    • Mounting Template and Instructions For Making Your Own Base

      All Wicked Edge knife sharpeners with standard blue bases (pictured below) can be mounted to a work bench or base surface by downloading the template below and following the instructions. Please note that the 10/32 x 1-1/2″ screws provided with your ...