How to Sharpen a Karambit Knife on the Wicked Edge

How to Sharpen a Curved Blade on a Wicked Edge

Curved blades, like karambits, hawkbills, and recurves, may look intimidating but are fairly simply to sharpen in a Wicked Edge. Below are a couple of videos that walk through some tips and tricks to sharpen these types of knives.

Sharpening Karambits and Hawkbills:
  1. When clamping these blades in the vise, imagine that there is a line that connects the heel and the tip of the blade. This imaginary line should be parallel with the top of the vise.
  2. As you sharpen, you'll feel the stone itself rotate slightly as it follows the curvature along the edge.
  3. Wicked Edge's standard, flat stones will work perfectly when sharpening these blades - you don't need a curved stone to sharpen a curved blade.
Sharpening Recurves:
  1. You clamp these blades like a typical knife. Ignore the curves along the rest of the edge and simply clamp it where the belly of the blade drops down towards the point.
  2. Your stones will naturally follow the curves of the blade and you don't need any curved stone to sharpen.
  3. Depending on the severity of the curvature, you may need to tilt your knife up or down in the vise to follow the entire bevel along the length of the blade. Use the marker method and move your knife in the direction of where the marker isn't being removed. 

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