Cleaning and Caring for Wicked Edge Stones and Strops

Cleaning and Caring for Wicked Edge Stones and Strops

Cleaning your Diamond Stones 

Wicked Edge Diamond Stones should be cleaned when they become discolored or noticeably clogged with metal shavings. We recommend cleaning your diamond stones after approximately 25 knives have been sharpened. 

To clean Diamond Stones, use dish soap and warm water. Run warm water over the stones, and then use a firm brush and some dish soap to scrub the stones clean, then rinse. Then dry the stones well, with a towel, and continue to air dry the stones by standing them on end. 

If your stones are badly clogged with metal shavings, you can soak them in white vinegar for up to 10 minutes, then follow the above procedure. The vinegar will dissolve the metal shavings. Once you have soaked them in vinegar, rinse them with water and then stand them on end to dry. 

Cleaning your Ceramic Stones

Clean your Ceramic Stones when the surface of the stones become very discolored.

Unlike the Diamond Stones, it’s very important to NOT get these stones wet. These stones use a different adhesive than Wicked Edge Diamond Stones. If the Ceramic Stones get wet, the adhesive will fail, causing the stones to break free from the handles. Instead of water, use a household eraser or a Superaser to clean your Ceramic Stones. Scrub your stones with the eraser or Superaser until the the deep, dark patches on the stones fade away. After the stones have been cleaned, they will not come back to their original color and you will still notice some discoloration of the stones, but the stones will perform better.


Ceramic stones are fragile, so keep them protected while not in use. Wicked Edge Stone / Strop Covers are a great solution. If you have a Wicked Edge carrying case that has pre-cut slots for stones, store the stones in the case whenever they’re not in use. If you’re using a different storage solution, like a tool box, make sure there’s a foam pad around the stones. Don’t let the stones bang around against each other or hard surfaces. 

Cleaning your Leather or Balsa Strops

Strops do not need to be cleaned very often. Strops will look discolored after you use them, which is not cause for concern. It’s time to clean strops when they stop working effectively on your edge. You’ll know they are not working effectively when they no longer “stick” to your edge as you use them. 

You can use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to clean your Strops. We recommend 91% rubbing alcohol. Spray a decent amount of rubbing alcohol onto your strops, and then wipe them clean with a paper towel. Rubbing alcohol is dry liquid, so it won't damage the Strops. 

Cleaned strop (top) vs. uncleaned strop (bottom), for comparison

After the Strops have been cleaned, reapply stropping compound to them.

Keep your Strops clean of contaminates. Always clean off the metal shavings from your edge before you use your Strops and between each Stropping Compound progression. When storing them, don’t let the Strops touch any surfaces or your other stones. Wicked Edge Stone / Strop Covers work best to protect them. You can also use plastic bags. If you have a Wicked Edge case, place the strops in plastic bags before you insert them into the slots in the case. 

Replacement leather strips are available. They can be attached to your Wicked Edge handles with hot glue. For more information, check out the article about Leather Strops

How to Store Wicked Edge Abrasives

Wicked Edge abrasives should be stored in dry environments. Avoid extreme temperatures.

Stone / Strop Covers or Hard Carrying Cases with foam inserts are highly recommended to protect Ceramic Stones and Strops.