Choosing Your Edge Kit

Choosing Your Edge Kit

Choosing the correct lineup of accessories is just as important, if not more important, than choosing your sharpener. Every Wicked Edge sharpener is able to get you the same results... it's the abrasive lineup that you use that determines what your results will be. 
Below is an outline of our Edge Kits, packs that include a full assortment of stones, strops, and abrasives to get you the perfect Wicked Edge for you and your blades. 

Note: anywhere it says 800/1000 optional means that those stones are required for this progression, but when purchasing an Edge Kit, if your sharpener came with those stones, you can opt out of purchasing them again.
Edge Kit
What Was It Designed For?
Edge Kit I
800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones, 1500/2200 Grit Diamond Stones
EDC & Kitchen Knives
The 600 Grit is sometimes a bit too aggressive for some EDC tasks so the 800/1000 brings another level of refinement. The 1500/2200 gives your kitchen knives a perfect balance of toothiness and refinement for any task or prep work you need to accomplish.
Edge Kit II
50/80 Grit Diamond Stones, 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones (optional), 1500 Grit Diamond Stones & Glass Platens, 6 Micron Lapping Film
Sharpening Services & Knife Makers
The included 50/80s are often too aggressive for the average user, but when knife makers are working to finalize their secondary bevel or a sharpening service has a truly beat-up blade, they make quick work. This kit can give blade a beautiful pop of shine that will make your customers stop and amaze at how sharp their edge is. 
$335.00 (with 800/1000)

$240.00 (without 800/1000)
Edge Kit III
800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones (optional), 1500/Glass, Blank Glass Platens, 6 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, 3 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, 1 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
10-Minute High Polish
This kit was designed for someone who enjoys a beautiful, highly polished edge but doesn't want to spend a long time getting it. Check out this YouTube video for a step-by-step instruction on how to get a 10-minute shine.
$ 347.00 (with 800/1000)

$252.00 (without 800/1000)
Edge Kit IV
50/80 Grit Diamond Stones, 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones (optional), 1500/2200 Grit Diamond Stones, 3000 Grit Diamond Stone/Glass Platen, 3 Micron Diamond Lapping Film 4/2 Strops and Emulsions, 1/0.5 Strops and Emulsions, Kangaroo Strops, 0.25 Gunny Juice, 0.1 Gunny Juice
One-Stop-Shop Full Progression
This is for the person who wants the full assortment of Wicked Edge products, from coarsest to the finest abrasive. This kit provides just that without any overlap or repetition of grits. It includes everything from our coarsest 50/80 stones to our finest Kangaroo strops and stropping compounds. This kit is perfect if you plan to sharpen straight razors, are chasing a true mirrored polish, or want a full array of finishing options.
$678.00 (with 800/1000)

$583.00 (without 800/1000)
Edge Kit V
Convex Creation Kit and 5/3.5 Strops and Paste
Field Dressing
The Convex Creation Kit provides a toothy, working edge while also providing the most durable edge possible. The strops refine the edge even more, allowing for fast touch-ups and super clean, razor sharp cuts when breaking down the days hunt. 
Convex Creation 
Blank Convex Handles, 30 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, 15 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, Lighted Loupe
EDC & Camping Knives
A convex edge provides the most durable edge possible. By rounding the bevels, you put more material behind the edge and give it support when using your knife thus preventing rolling and dulling. The finish with this kit is perfect for hard use tasks that would quickly dull a v-grind.
Ultimate Convex
Blank Convex Handles, 30 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, 15 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, 9 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, 6 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, 3 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, 1 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, Lighted Loupe
Bushcrafting, Wood Working, or Mirror Polish
The unique shine and level of refinement this kit produces makes working with wood a true joy. Whether you're crafting feather sticks or whittling, your blade will almost fall through the wood, producing incredibly clean push cuts. The convex edge also produces a truly unique shine that will make anyone stop and admire it.

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