Can the Wicked Edge Sharpen Tanto Style Blades?

Can the Wicked Edge Sharpen Tanto Style Blades?

The Wicked Edge does a great job with Tanto style blades. The following video shows how it’s done.

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      All Wicked Edge sharpeners have always done well with re-curved and inside curved blades. Our Medium 400 Grit / Fine Grit Semi-Round Stones for Curved Blades do a great job of this. The video below shows a first use of the semi-round stones on a hawk ...
    • Can the Wicked Edge Sharpen Broadheads?

      It depends on the broadhead design and construction: Two bladed broadheads like the Silver Flame, Zwickey and Solid all mount easily and sharpen well with any of the Wicked Edge systems. Three and four bladed broadheads must have blades that detach ...
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      Yes. Clamping a fully flat ground blade is fairly easy. If the spine of the blade is especially thick and the taper dramatic, extra care must be taken to ensure that the knife is mounted vertically. To accomplish this using our Standard Vise Jaw, you ...
    • What's the max width the jaws can open on the Wicked Edge GO?

      The vise jaws on the Wicked Edge GO will open up to 3/8 with the included, stock screws.
    • Can the Wicked Edge Sharpen Serrated Blades?

      At the moment, no. Wicked Edge hopes to offer a solution to sharpening serrated blades in the future and will update this article when that technology is complete.